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Fishing with offset mount kidnappers

Fishing with offset mount kidnappers.

Fishing to mount offeset rape is the practice when fishing venue of obstructions and shallow, but packed submerged trees. Substrates filled steparime where jigs sacrificing their ephemeral existence for a simple "shut ". Belts shaded banks of reeds, where no oscillatory can escape unscathed after a suicide lanseu. Such places, sanctuaries predators, are more than just structures where fish are hiding. In fact, they are true impregnable fortress. Once released to water, little ghosts forged by man can get safely from phylum evil hidden beneath the gloss inviting, much less catch fish are in the "forbidden zone". There are a ghost or, rather, a combination of soft plastic-hook, ie designed to defy the impossible: offset mount.

Offset and anatomy of frames. 

Few of us are fishermen who know or think much about the offset. Even fewer are those who use it. Offset mount itself is not a ghost but a style to fit particularly soft plastic hooks Design on additional ballasted offset and - external or internal. If you ever wondered what kind of "twisters are those cut belly" and all sorts of strange tails - ciliforme ba, ba "to dovetail" or "V" paddle ba Rhomboid or without any tail ..., soft plastics are that they are designed to be mounted offset hooks. In the same category come and plastics that seem to have no head, no tail, spindly, like the frames, which mimics the frogs, and the list could go long and hard, because imagination knows no bounds manufacturers almost on ' soft plastics. " Is perfectly explained by indisputable versatility of this lens mounts: offset can adapt a multitude of soft plastics, including plastics that were not specifically designed to "hook hidden" like classic shadurile gruburi or less ... Burt. So if you have some offset hooks and all kinds of soft plastic, allow creativity to work for you. hooks those "crooked and loud" as I heard some trying to describe them, are so-called offset s, whose stem features a double bend just before the strap. And offset hooks can be of several types: worm hook (elongated and plastics designed for longer, the kind that imitate frames) or wide gap, opening very large, the latter being the most commonly used.

Hook mount ... hidden.

 Installation procedure is simple, but requires a bit of attention and training, so that the result has come out well. Soft plastic front stings like a jig when installed normally, but after 3-4 mm hook tip must protrude through the bottom of the plastic and the plastic completely pull the hook until the perfect cover bent double before strap.
Then stick it in the top slot ventral hook plastic, then concluding module mount is divided into two categories:
a) complete the top hook pierces the back, leaving behind virtually "Twister", then the first 3-4 mm of peak or "edge" can disappear again under the "skin" of rubber nalucii, to stick layer,
  b) enter the body nalucii hook tip, but does not come through the back, so it pierces the back and can be positioned at 1 - 2 mm from the surface.

Following installation, follow ballasting, which may be internal lead small ventral inserted into the front of nalucii, or external, lead conical sliding the wire (which may in turn blocked even top mount with a piece of toothpick inserted in the lead sliding) or ballast poured in some parts of the hook, if models produced by certain companies hook (Mustad, Gamakatsu Japan, Mr. Twister,)

What rod to use? 

 For This type of fishing is the ideal combination baitcasting rod and reel. Why? For two main reasons: increased accuracy lanseurilor, because fishing is in proximity hangers, no matter where throwing distance, but accuracy - in this case, lanseurile style "pendulum", under arm, known to Americans as "pitching "and" flipping "the most suitable, robust gears and reel power when fighting fish to be literally" extracted "from among tabs.

It is preferable to have a rod casting at least one ounce (28 grams), a fast-acting (or moderately rapid) to be sensitive (especially if you use yarn) and strong, but not necessarily rigid. intrinsic Many confuse stiffness with strength, but there are powerful rods are not necessarily rigid - like swimbait rod for those sites or special pitching / flipping. Also American Standard rod length is 7'6'' (2.29 m) and 3/8-1 1/2 oz. casting (about 10-40 grams). A length of 2.29 meters helps lanseurile precision in hand, but any rod that revolve around the 7 feet or 2.13 m can be used successfully. In choosing rod (like the reel and wire), involved personal preference - some prefer shorter rods than 2.13 m, others, on the contrary. So there is no universally valid rule about length rod, but it is good for this technique, Varga be between 1,98 m (6'6'') and 2.29 m (7'6''). Can be used and a set of spinning, provided that both the rod, and reel fishing can handle in a "heavy cover".

Choice of yarn.

Choice of yarn is vitally important and can make the difference between catching fish and ... above. Yarn less than 15 pounds is a "necessary evil" and disadvantages disappear, at least for the moment, that is to fishing ... difficult times. However contraindicated as if straight presentations with reaction baits - spoons, voblere, swimbait sites - superfirele offers several advantages when dormant ghosts, presented by developments "verticalizate" - is about jigs and soft plastic hooks mounted on offset. Inelasticity of fabrics ensure pierced farm because all the energy is transferred directly bite the hook, so do not lose 5-10 percent due to elongation of the thread, as if nailonurilor and fluorocarbon. Given the use of frames offset hook has pierced two textures: so nalucii body, and mouth fish. Also, the extreme sensitivity of fabrics "telegraph" whatever happens almost instantaneously at the other end, then, facilitates detection of attacks. Visibility wire allows visually observing attacks, the most efficient fluorescent colors. Those who do not like the yarn can use the "old" nylon or fluorocarbon very abrasion resistant but wiry "by nature" (this difficulty disappears if you use a baitcasting reel). A diameter of 0.28 mm is recommended for nylon or fluorocarbon, but fishermen often use the civilized world diameters of 0.33 or 0.36 mm. Conditions that must be fulfilled thread "normal" as high knot strength and abrasion resistance, elongation factor as low as possible and, of course, provide optimum visibility.

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Amateur fishing and everything about artificial fertilization of eggs of sturgeon.

Artificial fertilization of eggs of sturgeon.

 All operations involved in the sexual elements and fertilization of eggs is performed manually and mechanically new.
The eggs usually sturionicultură using fully mature but not overripe. For the female beluga, sevruga sturgeon, and splitting the desanguinizează previously, then get eggs split, while the sterlet eggs are produced in part by milking. Sperm are produced only by milking, that by bending the male body.
Eggs from female sturgeon not running can not be used in sturionicultură, but only for human consumption
Before cutting the abdomen of females, measures to:
If the nursery has a special section sturionicultură built, will ensure a job UNBR to avoid degradation of the Greek \ documents tumpul sexual fertilization and the eggs descleierii sunlight;
Separate parking masculilior with sperm quality and low quality
Desanguinizarea females, anal and caudal indenting portion of, where the ventral vein and the bottom of the gill, is 1-2 minutes before cutting the abdomen. Rinse with water for 1-2 minutes notched portions to remove blood that diminishes the quality of eggs and sperm.
Deleting the female abdomen with a clean dry towel.
Preparation of simple suspension of sludge from a dense suspension liter to 10 liters of water mud, fine silt suspension for desizing eggs pass through mud.
Then move on to cutting the female abdomen and eggs of sterlet milking, bringing near the basin as genital opening, where you start cutting the abdomen so that eggs do not fall or not traumatized.
Eggs from each female are taken separately and not mixed with eggs from another female. Each bowl 15 L are introduced about 2 kg of eggs. Weighing is eggs before fertilization.
If the basin is a large amount of ovarian fluid from the fluid flows in excess, by tilting the basin.

 Handling breeding of sturgeon, sturgeon or sevruga to obtain sexual elements is a special type plant, a small crane. After obtaining the sexual elements are stored in a freezer for human consumption recovery.
Proper fertilization method used by the Romanian eggs intre1957-1962 in experimental-productive nursery sturionicultură from Litcov-Delta, differs from the "dry method" and the "wet method" in that it adds one 52-100 ml water / 1 kg eggs, therefore is called "semiumedă".
At descleiereaicrelor collected from 2-4 male sperm, which is spread over all the eggs in bowl, 10 sperm ml / 1 kg incr. During fertilization plus more than 100 ml water / kg eggs. The addition of water aactiverză micropiul sperm to enter eggs. Cloectară sperm kept in a refrigerator for use later.
After addition of water pouring sperm and eggs are mixed by hand very carefully and then sunrise left to stand for 1-2 minutes. Once this process begins descleiere eggs. Îndepărteazălichidul basin tilts and ovarian eggs separated. Then add a sudden circa4-5 L water / kg eggs. After adding the water basin and flows tilts inpreuna water ovarian fluid. He repeated the same canticăţi adding water and flows again. Both operations take a few minutes. Eggs descleiere process is mechanized with a special device A01, cone-shaped, set at the bottom with a tube entering the egg mixture and susoensie fine silt, as air bubbles that help desizing eggs.
Gluing process begins after fecunadaţie eggs at more than 2 minutes to eggs of sterlet, 3min to those sevruga and 4 minutes and beluga sturgeon.
Acle sturionicol the artificial production of the material is aimed at ensuring perpetuation of the species to maintain flock. Thus setting the stage in which the offspring are produced artificially have capacitateade to integrate natural, while protecting them from direct dişmanii.
Physiological study was conducted on apuilor of the 3 categories of 1g, 2g and 3g/exemplar, demonstrated that there is no difference between them and therefore hemoglogină content, white cell count, do not depend on weight baby. As such, it can be concluded that chickens should be reared in nurseries sturionicole sturgeon weighing 1 g / sample. In this situation may produce more young sturgeon discharged to rivers, to ensure staff sturionicol.
Choosing where to start young area of ​​sturgeon in the river is a major objective. Problem launching offspring of sturgeon in the wild should be studied on each bszin in part, by marking the mass of these chicken PRODIS sturionicole nurseries.
Another problem which makes efficiency sturionicole works, and especially nursery sturionicole capacity determination is quantitative and qualitative knowledge base of the trophic sea where there is growth and development up to stage adilţi sturgeon.
Inpreuna growth of sturgeon and the same pool păstrugii allows full use of planktonic and benthic food resources, is exclusively bentofag sturgeon, stor sturgeon and consuming small crustaceans and fish bottom with no economic value.
Studies over 10 years on the Black Sea benthic platform facilitated the knowledge that food will have our sea sturgeon.

Amateur fishing and sturgeon all about migration.

Sturgeon migration.

Migration is one of the most complex forms of behavior of animals - birds and fish - which can be regarded as hereditary adaptations specific to the species and with other properties determine the characteristics of the species, subspecies, or population that intraspecific biological form.
At the sturgeons, migration is a very importantăa feature ontogenesis, the life cycle, and allows to use all the possibilities presented by the complete area of ​​distribution. It has an integrated system of primary pro interadaptaţiilor system that led to success vietuirii million years within these is the "gold fish" as sturgeon are also known in the world, due to their special value.
Sturgeon migration in our waters, as in the other basins of the world, efectueazăpe long distances, such bazinului.De bottom stor sturgeon move tens of miles, hundreds of miles sturgeon or beluga, which exceeds one thousand kilometers of Black Sea, the river Danube to repreducere natural areas. After submission of mature sexual elements - eggs and milk - are on the same road reântorc close to the surface water in places where they went. Breeding in natural areas after sturgeon larvae have hatched, do a migration stream water pasivape larvae gradually becoming chicken. In the Black Sea after 1-2 months when they reach an average weight of 2-3 g / sample.
The vast majority of species, subspecies and forms of organic or biological forms of sturgeon intraspecific life is characterized by addition migratoare.În starlet and cover our waters, the Kaluga of Amur sturgeon lake anerican and other species that are only some local deplsări all other marine species are migratory. The exception also includes some forms of biological freshwater sturgeon, chicken living in the state of the marine environment or oceanicdar only to fall only in the river reproducare dulcicol.
In most cases, migration is related to changes sturgeon considerable environmental osmotic pressure of salt water crossing the sea or ocean, in fresh water and vice versa fluviilio and therefore are related to control mechanisms osmotica.Această rconstituirea essential condition of behavior sturgeon may occur in certain seasons and therefore in different environmental conditions of different ages and stages exteriorla wide variety of different sexual glands and the degree of fattening. in determining migrations have an important role sex hormones in the blood of fish entering the car some etepe life cycle and carecterul "the pituitary gonadotropins," but without being the only factors are added migratiei.La migratiilior body, migration season, hydrological and hydrobiological conditions of the river for each form of intraspecific biological 'spring' and autumn. Outer environment is particularly migration from one species to another and from one form to another biological.

Sturgeon migrations are one of the most important adaptations that contribute to widening and increasing Areli special fund, which lead to her biological progress. Contriluie migrations to specific differences between and within populations to the formation of races of the season ecoforme, development of ecological potamodrome.Deosebirile euribiforme and occur mostly in the different behavior during migration.
Endocrine system is the main link between natural cyclical phenomena and achieve successive phases of ontogenesis sturgeon. Increased activity-pituitary and endocrine hipothalamo devices, which then determines migration paremerg be installed due to the action of some excited flags of the external environment, in fact cyclical phenomena of these fish.
The presence of a complex structure and varied in terms of population or species ecological sturgeon is a prerequisite for transformation microevolution, which are biological macrodiferenţieri time as I mentioned.
Obstacles to migration of sturgeon is increasing on the one hand due to river pollution in certain areas of waste water discharge or unused, from insufficiently treated industrial combined important, on the other hand, due to hydropower constructions on the river whose basin are locuru naturake of reprodocere. To remove these two negative factors for natural reproduction of sturgeon were enacted measures to wastewater treatment in our country and be done with construction construction hidroenegretice for downstream migratory fish passage upstream of hydroelectric power, as they conducted in Volgograd.
The first experiments of artificial fertilization caviar Ovseanikov link to his name, who performed in 1869 in Russia, the artificial fertilization of sterlet eggs, incubate them and obtained larvae.
Besides Ovseanikov Kovalskii and Wagner in 1870 published the results rebuke starlet development. These surveys were completed by Zelenskii.

 And sevruga sturgeon species, the first fertilization experiments were made during 1884-1889 by Bordoin, and ended with obtaining important Cantiere larvae. Bordoin's Experinnţele were made with some breeding Ural river fishing, in their last stage of maturation. Experiences repreducători sturgeon caught in the wild and park in different types of juvelnice have taken Ber and Borodin, but have not obtained sexual elements mature.

Amateur fishing and everything about Sturgeon.

All about Sturgeon.

Sturgeons, family Acipenseridae are part of one of the oldest fish that inhabit the waters present globe. Of all species of sturgeons are the most valuable fish, especially renowned nutritional qualities and taste of meat and eggs, but also by their unusual mărinra to species that live in our waters and the entire world.
Significance of sturgeon for food and human life itself is attested by a series of data and writing data precisely îndepărtate.Primele period dating from the Neolithic past sturgeon and their localization Eastern Siberia, being played by some stone figures representing sturionii.Nisetrul and other sturgeon have served as some tribes indiene.La todem Manegri sturgeon fishing was accompanied by ceremonies.
Our country, most indications Valoro about sturgeon dates back to ancient times and refers especially to the Danube sturgeon fishing. At the tables of kings Burebista and Decebal, founder of the Geto-Dacian At the end of the first century BC , Were steaks of sturgeon, with huge bowls of caviar negre.Însăsi Histria city, located on the western shore of Lake Sinoe present, developed on account of export of sturgeon and caviar. The fact that export of sturgeon Histria life of the city played a key role, we show themselves in this currency while representing the city on one dinfeţe an eagle bearing in its claws a small sturgeon.
Since sturgeon, especially cod, are the largest and most valuable fish of the Danube and Black Sea, it is normal that first attracted her attention Safi who gave us data on fisheries in the Black Sea and Danube. From them we learn that sturgeon fishing on the Danube is both our country and in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.
Many are in our historical documents with specific reference to these specii.Mircea the Elder, ruler of Wallachia, in the act of May 11, 1406, mentions productive sturgeon fishing in the Danube. Stefan, Voivode of Moldavia by the Act from 19 February 1446, gives annual Neamt Monastery "two sturgeon Mejia" and "three scales of caviar." Other documents of Stephen the Great, of 15 August 1471 and January 22, 1472, remember the Danube port Chilia old as leading producer of sturgeon fishing center.

 General character of the main sturgeon.

Primitive characters include skeleton in CAE mostly cartilaginous, solid endocranial without myotomy and interorbital septum, the tail does persistent and without strangulation; heterocercă caudal, ventral inserted chest, bladder inotătoaare Comin with the esophagus, intestinal valve with spur-shaped.

Characters that includes demice degeneration and shields without ganoină, dermal bones of the skull in nunăr increased as a result of multiplication centers osificaţie or skull bones separated by frontanele dermiceale large and numerous, and shields the few located on several points kicking body disappearance branhiostegale teeth and radiator.

Specialized character of sturgeon are benthic life: elongation of the muzzle in a conical or spatulate rostru; whiskers senzoliale; senzolial supraorbital canal passing nostrils on each side and the rear îmbucându, making the channel to form an anastomosis infraorbital

Progressive degeneration that can track osificaţiei regression while the Palaeonisciformes that, by improving the organic becomes Chondrosteidae and in ultumă instance in which it belongs and Acipenseriformes current Acipenseridae family.

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