Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carp fishing in our waters

  Lazy carp is a fish. Bottom fishing gives her satisfaction through the crowd specimens that you can catch a chisel or lake in the months when this species "give" the good rod. It is a less than demure and less cunning than carp. Oozy bottom inhabits stagnant waters, where up chase in the morning and evening with its short muzzle, without whiskers.

Shape resembles the flat, but her body is shorter and laterally flattened, brownish-olive color with greenish shades on the back and golden-yellow sides and belly.
Not too often leaves the bottom of standing water, where it feels good among submerged vegetation. It is a sedentary species, small: it has 12 to 15 cm long and an average weight of 80 - 120 g, but sometimes fish, and copies of one kilogram.

Carp food consists of insect larvae, vermouth sludge, small mollusks, seeds, plants and animal waste. Characteristic is that carp can withstand extremely harsh conditions such as low dissolved oxygen content, high temperature or near freezing, and when he reached shore alive without water for hours, eating atmospheric oxygen.

Carp fishing must take account of how her life. Find a small fish, moving slowly on the bottom or among vegetation subagvatică, our rod will be fine with sensitive chord with small cork. Although we will be composed dintro rod rod light 4 - 5 m long with 0.15 mm chord line of 0.20 mm Because the carp's mouth is small, for no rhyme hooks 8 will be used - 10, and no bait plant 10 to 12. Reel can be very simple.

Carp fishing using generally the same as carp fishing bait, but something smaller. Of these we mention the following: small pieces of earthworm rhymes, vermisori flour, grains of wheat or maize fertile ball of bread or porridge, etc.. Cork fits in so as to reach the bait exactly fun or with 1 to 2 cm above it. Vibrating motion characteristic of cork and then sinking it tells us when întepării. Sting is not sudden. Being a more peaceful and small, carp not tired, though fishing is great fun and enjoyed them.


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