Friday, April 23, 2010

Fishermen and Fishing Reels

About reels

Depending on the kinematics scheme, mulinetele are two types:

Rotary drum-reels (in several variants);

Reel-reels with fixed (in several variants).Depending on camps used event:reels with bushings;bearing reels;reels mixed.Most widespread and used drum reels are fixed.Generally, when we have to buy reels those oriented modelsmeet the goal, to fish predators are useful mulinetele drum smalllight, with as many bearings. For stationary fishing we can also choosemodels with mixed bush or recommended, taking into account the price is proportionalnumber of bearings, and its size will be chosen according to thickness and lengthdesired wire. Usually, Fisheries stationary drum size to choose models with 40 -50 which can be loaded with about 100-150 m wire 0.3 - 0.35 mm.Mulinetelor gears must be lubricated with oil or grease annually dependingmanufacturer's recommendations, otherwise they putindu fret and serious damage. Fora less strenuous labor, fishing overseas are profitable mulinetele with brakeon the line. Always easy fishing weak brake, otherwise you may be surprised by big fish ininteparii their particular stage and ... consequences will be unpleasant.


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