Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fishing and fish life mode

 Fish Breath

Like any animal, fish regenerate their blood by breathing, but taking water directly from the oxygen they need. The organs through which breathing is called gills, the oxygen required varies from one species to another. Feel good trout in a water containing 7-8 cc oxygen per liter, but dies in a water of only 3-4 cc / l carp satisfied with a concentration of 3-4 cc / l and showing signs of asphyxiation not eat.

The water is cold one, with both its oxygen content is higher. Here, why, over the temperature influences. Water from melting snow is poor in oxygen. This explains why spring, during the freshet, trout do not eat at all, refusing any bait, and immediately cease freshet, the greedy rush at all, now is the most favorite time of year to fish for them.

Poisoned the waters with different chemicals have similar influence on fish and, in most cases, they actually cause the death of all fish from one water basin.
Îngetul extended on a large scale can cause death if not taken early measures to open eyes in ice, so that oxygen-depleted water aereze because Bradisor and decay of aquatic vegetation.

Age and reproduction of fish is directly influenced by water temperature. Each species is linked to a certain temperature, favorable spawning, spawn clocirii.Crapul fecundatiei and 18 ° C 8-10 ° C pike, tench at 22 - 25 ° C from 9-10 ° C rapacious carp.
No wonder why the decision of the hindrance fishery on fish during the reproductive period varies from year to year, she settled in for varying climate, season, and after the water temperature.

Where fish take their life.

For the angler, knowing these details is essential, he will know where to find each species and, in particular, where to place bait hook.
From this perspective, the fish can be divided into two main groups:

a) more than living, dragging or scratch on the bottom (demersal fish or concrete), as, for example, tench, carp, bream, Batca etc.

b) more than life as he spent swimming in the water table (or large pelagic fish) group which includes pike, perch, rapacious carp, chub, etc. salmonizii.

Bladder swimmer

It is a floating body by altering its volume, fish are able to descend deeper or to rise to the surface. After the death of fish, fins bladder inflates very hard, causing the fish to float to the surface, reversed in part.


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