Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fishing Catfish

Sleep, especially larger specimens, was the everlasting dream of plain fishermen. Does body mass, head flattened from top to bottom, wide mouth equipped with teeth set as small brush, two smaller pairs of whiskers (lower lip) and a longer pair (the upper lip).

Occurs in rivers, but falls and the ponds. Large specimens are lonely on the bottom and hunts at night. Consumes mainly fish and especially print, bleak, bream, etc. Batca. It feeds and frogs, Verma, insect larvae, crayfish and, ultimately, to live with all the current organizmele water at his watch. The stomach was found sleeping and ghiete, obecte metal, baby geese, etc.. Winter is not too feeds. Find a more voracious appetite and growth rate recorded a relatively good: the 4 to 5 years may reach a weight of 5 kg. In our waters, fishermen occasionally catch professionals and copies of 100 - 120 kg. Obijnuită sleep length is 80 - 100 cm and weighs 2 to 5 kg.

Somnii young walk in vejnic cards are smaller and hungry, so easy to hook sometimes fall in greater quantities than the barbell or other bottom species. Smaller specimens can be fished all day, instead somnii great start to hunt the sunset or the morning, so the bait must be installed before 2 o'clock. The best places are bulboanele somnii large deep oven dug into the banks, tree roots (in water), ditches, etc..

Baits for sleep are varied and numerous. Order of preference is: live fish (print, carp, Mihalt, bleak, roach, dace), dead fish, frogs, leeches, size, larvae of Pentecost. Frog skin is the pride that can swim freely spine or leg tendon. Any live bait I use, it must be caught in the hook so as to maintain as much alive in timp.Momela be systematic, since it may fall on carlig.De usually sleep immediately swallow bait offered so do not have to hide all the hook.

Fisheries sleep 3 processes are used: bottom fishing lead, fishing and fishing with ghosts pluta.La our country first method is the most common, and fishing is practiced in particular apparition in the months from May to August.

Fishing rod used to sleep with the lead on the bottom, is largely identical to that used in fishing crapului.Varga must be strong, 2 - 2,40 m length, equipped with reel to reel rod instead of fix.In can use a bamboo rod and metalica.Firul will be from 0.35 to 0.80 mm, depending on the size at which undim sleep.
No single hooks are used 1 to 3 or triple, No 2 - 3.Struna must be metal.

If rod with ghosts, the most appropriate time during the summer is between the hours of 4 to 7 and 16 - 19.In this end we must have a rod of 1.5 - 2.8 m, to drum fix.Grosimea Nylon be 30 - 40mm for small somnii 40 - 55 mm for specimens mari.Lingura need to be more alluring.

After fishing raft (the water being stagnant or slow), can successfully use frames or lipitori.In this case, the rod should be 3.2 - 4 m, and lead 50 - 70 or 80 - 100 m . sting should be made to disappear under water when the raft.

Somoteii be tired more quickly, instead fighting a big sleep may last 1 to 2 ore.Obosirea's primarily a fishing rod requires good skill and a lot rabdare.In these conditions, our struggle with the fish will be successful.


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