Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fishing - How to choose rod

How we choose rod
I met many people who bought light rods for carp fishing,
Heavy rod fishing or predators. Besides the discomfort, they were hit by a series
problems, some extremely expensive. I know some cases where the carp fishing
action was used a rod with 10-30 g, length 2.1 m. There was great surprise to those
fishermen, having Gruta throwing lead over how much the manufacturer recommends
rods, after a number of lanseuri lansetele broke. But in most cases
Beginners do not know anything about resistance lansetelor (action, power). But let us
As we get lansetele.
Lansetele is characterized by two elements:
Action may be:
Peak (A) - Quick action;
Middle (B) - semirapida action;
Parabolic (C);
Slow (D).
Specific action is generally very fast overseas. In some cases A, B, C and
D are replaced by numbers in the range 1,5-5.
Power is usually determined by the relationship:

P = gmax x 10, where gmax - represents the maximum mass of lead in grams (eg Rods A 10 -
30 - fast action rod, maximum weight of lead released between 10-30 grams). If
choose a weight much smaller releases will be short and vague, if load exceed
recommended, it is possible to start breaking rods. Note that power has another effect
than in mechanics.
Based on power can choose the appropriate thread. Thus, the resistance wire must be
Max. 7 times the power rod. If we have such a power rod with 300 g (ie 10-30 g
weight of lead, inscribed on it) is optimal wire up to 3 kp to node, in terms of shock.
A thicker wire rod can be threatened.
Attention, wire resistance is considered the hub, so we choose a thread about 6 kp resistance
on a section of 1 m without node (mentioned by the manufacturer). Rod length is also
importance of the distance to the launch, determining the ability to absorb shock rods
caused by large fish. Fishing overseas to reduce effort fisherman is
recommended minimum rod 2.7 m long miner (for two hands).
These values mentioned above are approximate and often not observed without much
risks (if any experience) but in theory, certainly relative to the rod is
cases, depending on the experience of fishermen and other quality components and we
mention here in particular reel. Combining action, strength and length of rods can
fish safely with minimal effort and full satisfaction.


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