Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pike fishing in our waters

Pike is one of the most popular species in our waters and more preferred by sports fishermen.
It's a very greedy fish, so it is called and pools, although the wolf lives in lakes, rivers in the plains or in some coastal lagoons.

The beak-shaped muzzle its rate, body oblong and striped, pike is different at first sight of other fish. Stand still (solitary) at the edge of reeds, where you throw the momentum toward prey.
With a similar color to the environment, pike can quickly catch unsuspecting fishes swimming quietly beside her right to be given all year round bait, because it vejnic hungry. It feeds on fish and is particularly famous by its canibalizmul. In obijnuit has a length of 30 - 50 cm and a weight of 0.6 - 2 kg.
Pike reproduce the earliest of indigenous fish from February to March, after this period has an indescribable twist, the best pike fishing seasons are from March to April and September to November.

Pike fishing with floats (as fishes live bait use) and ghosts. When fishing with floats can be used as bait size, live fishes (small dace, bleak, pig, small carp roach) smaller frogs. Bait is cast as far from shore, where we suspect that there are pike (the edge of vegetation) and keep a bait in there without moving elsewhere. After bait pike grabbed a good shake, then remained motionless and eventually go to the bottom. Only now runs a bites not too strong. Now pike starts as an arrow to the depth of those should give him rope, then slowly approach it without a leave to enter the thicket. After pike tired, we bring to minciog. If you catch a frog bait hook alive, swimming around the suspected site, we do not use cork. In this case we must not throw too often and not to kill smuncite frog. We live fish and mice (all without cork) using a double or triple hook. Lure is cast in place where we suspect that there are pike, without being notice. Static pike fishing using a rod of 2.8 - 3, 5 meters high, having a fixed reel drum and a metal string. The thread will be up 30 - 40 meters. Use single hooks No 1 and 2, raft should be easy, preferably buldo type, which can be set floating.

Pike rods with cork gives us emotional moments, though true of this species is fishing with ghosts. In this case, the choice depending on the fishing rod is used nălucii weight, rod length should be 2 - 2.2 m and are the mark. In this kind of fishing reel drum and curb fixed metal are absolutely necessary . terbuie Spoons used to have 6 to 12 grams and be wavy or rotary. The latter were more effective. Oval spoon "cracker" is one of the best ghosts. In some waters have proved to be good and mountings with dead fishes. Any shape we use has to be drawn slowly, but without losing their spin movement.

Stucco is throwing lightning, so be sharp sting but not hard. Strain that is  more exciting, full of emotions. Pike make leaps "acrobatic" defending it cleverly, then quickly fled to the depths or when a party when another. Fishing cleverness and skill they require.


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