Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rudd our water

Popular Appointments: rudd, roach red, red wedge rudd, etc. ochenită. Does the size 20-30-35 cm and weighing 200-300 g, great reach 2 kg.

Although closely related to roach, an easily distinguish it. Does the body more oval and back in May lataret May arcuita.Inotatoarele except dorsalei have bright red tips, dark green back with a blue or gray shade, ribs and belly silvery (Rosioarele of frog are darker. ) eyes are yellow with a red patch, is obliquely cut up your mouth and large scales covers his stomach and between ventral fin and the anala.Burta seems to be lowered, and baggy codala is deeply forked, lower wing something longer.

To us is found in coastal lakes, ponds, swamps and backwaters of the Danube, Bistrita river swamps, during or lower, the Mures River, Cris, Somes, Timis, Bega, Siren in ponds and ponds.

Living in lowland waters in ponds and rivers very line.Si roach swimming gather more cards in the middle of the raft adancurilor.O fishing rod just like the babusca.in summer, but will fit closer to the bait suprafata.Nadele are best frames, worms, meat and flour, bread and pasta cosasii.

We seek places for fishing lines rich vegetation near trails in reeds reed or thick, green carpet of silk in frog, where it has its lazy over food at hand and finds shelter for fear of pike and it is bibanului.Carnea less tasty than the babustii.


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