Thursday, April 8, 2010

Touched our fishing waters

Fishing touch is a very attractive stationary process, which gives good results especially in the summer months. Of all the processes of stationary fishing, fishing requires the touch more moves.
In this case, the bait does not sink under water, nor be placed at a distance too great, but easy to leave, that is "touch the" water surface with it. Since this method of fishing is practiced on the banks of flowing waters, the fisherman must approach water thrust of Siam. He would hide behind bushes, tree trunks etc.. To be observed not fish that swim in the warm months to the surface. So, in this process, hidden fisherman rod extends from the waterfront over the place fixed, fingering the mirror water bait. Sometimes light sets can be made "by subsoară" pendulum bait above ground until it reaches desired, then lower the rod . When the bait has reached the water, the fish rushed to her kidnapper.
Fishing rod used should be easy touch, fiincă a constantly keep in hand, and its length does not exceed 2.5 - 3m. This process is not used reel. Exceed the length of wire rod used. It must be thick enough that it can descend into the water with rod, not to employ cork or lead. String will also be fine No 15 to 20, with a length of 0.80 - 1 m. No hook 13 to 18 are thin and sharp, because in most cases, we fished grayling, trout-the-mountain, or red Člen bleak. Is used as bait insects (grasshopper, butterflies, crickets) and other small gas fragide. The heat today is very attractive fish with flies touched the bleak house, because 2 to 3 hours may take hundreds of copies. In this way, the fisherman can lead to fish with artificial flies.

So feel fishing is interpolated between the floats and fishing with artificial fly. He did not allow the use minciogului because in most cases, the fisherman is forced to sit on the banks full of bushes or trees. Therefore, the rod must be quite strong, yet graceful, not to break.

Fishing touch is highly attractive, especially for beginners, fiincă success that you have to clean and everlasting bleak binds water.


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