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Artificial fishing and Attractants

Artificial fishing and Attractants

We talk today about artificial bait used in fishing for predatory fish. I am more artificial baits we briefly detailed the following bait: artificial fly fishing, fishing with ghosts, vobler fishing, fishing with Twister.
Artificial fly fishing is a classical method to catch trout and grayling. It requires tools Finally, a perfect harmony between the rod-wire-string-hook. All these components must be of good quality, because besides our ability, which is a decisive factor in this kind of fishing, fly fishing with artificial results depends on the quality whip greater extent than in many other fishing methods. Flies, artificial: for waters are bait for the mountain and the hill Plateaus trout fishing, grayling, lostrita, and Clean etc.. dry fly - life imitating an insect that floats on the surface wet fly - an imitation of insect drift in deep water. Ninfa - imitating an insect larva.

The question is what is required to use artificial flies? Does natural baits past constantly on "food list" of grayling and trout do not meet our goal? No, because no natural bait would not withstand repeated can throw hundreds of times and would break the hook, perzandu into the waves and fisherman would be forced to constantly replace lost bait. And then where many fisherman take natural baits when, in certain seasons, their availability is so difficult?

Fishing with ghosts practiced for trapping prey species, for example, lostrită, trout, pike, perch, rapacious, etc.. This procedure is called and released fish or fish with blincherul. It requires special efforts from the anglerfish, sometimes traveling great distances, always throwing ghost, exploring the water with slap slap looking fish. 
Apparition is an artificial bait, which by the way water is carried by a fisherman, can attract and catch fish predator. An apparition only succeed if a fisherman handles with confidence and skill, managing to give the illusion of life, knowing the fish predator reactions. These artificial baits in the water have a different evolution depending on the model and equipment recovery. A rapid recovery, with sudden stops (give it time to sink nalucii) fry to imitate a near panic in danger, and a slow recovery, spoon or voblerului dinamizand evolution through the game from the top of the crank rod and reels, average vitaza nalucii displacement is small enough to convince a kidnapper to accept prey that offers "the tray". There are several types and sizes of ghosts. These are: Spoons cusp - they swinging their (balances) during advancement through the water edge

Spoons wavy - it moves forward in water by undulating, winding or wavy
Rotary - is an artificial bait whose palette revolves around a shaft or spindle, has a great effect on optical sensors, auditory and lateral predator fish. The best known are the Mepps rotary (France).

Voblerul - is a artificeala wood or other materials (plastics, rubber, cork), which mimics a Petis to attract predators. It is an evolution in water undecided, sonticaita. Usually it floats on water and sink only when it is drawn, the depth depending on body shape and position which the gateway painters. Voblerele are equipped with 1.2 or 3 anchors. Been on the market a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes, but the most popular and effective are the famous Rapala voblerele, Finnish production and Cosmas voblerele that price / quality very advantageous to all fishermen. Among the most common models include: Voblerele floating, which are constructed so that the draw will shine across the water to a depth of 10-25 cm Depending on the speed of recovery printed reel. Voblerele cosmopolitan voblere can evolve at any level of water, depending on the speed of recovery. Voblerele submerged, are those that start after stopping at a certain depth in water (10-50) cm level that can be recovered by mulinare slow, with stops and replays, penrtu to leave a sick feeling.
Voblerele bottom after release are those that reach down to maximum depth. They use a higher recovery rate, attach them to cross water to a higher level. Voblerului choice must keep in mind certain things: the depth to which we are fishing, fish are looking for, the brightness of day and area of fishing.

Twister - is a soft plastic artificial baits that mimic various aquatic animals (fishes - Shad, frogs, frames, worms), having a big effect on predators. Twisterele occur in a wide and varied a range of sizes and colors to meet all the needs of fisheries on predator. Come with a different twist hook with lead or without called "Jig"

Spider - is that a folding knife blade (slightly curved), so driven vertically or obliquely to have an oscillating motion, wave or mixed. It is equipped with one single hook on end stuck. Dandineta - Bristle-like (as an acacia leaf) evolves vertically, or obliquely, with movements rocked, wavy or mixed. It is equipped with one single hook on end stuck. Mormasca - little artificial, can evolve into water with vertical motion, over which we imitate, Depending on the "game" fisherman, done by the dynamic rod tip, it is mainly used in hole.


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