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Preparation of baits for fishing and fisherman

Preparation of baits for fishing and fisherman

Preparation for sport fishing bait is more categori partly depends on what we want to fish for fish species. Fishermen have many secrets when it comes to baits and recipes about prices but today I say we try to reveal some secrets of preparing small fishing bait rig and sports links. Getting Started with polenta preparation. Sprinkle polenta corn flour used multiple times and cooking fire is small, otherwise the polenta to smash! In a bowl (tuci) is a typical small tortilla and not put salt. Obtained polenta upside down on a wooden board and mixed with corn flour sifted until no longer sticks to hands (carefully to blend, it depends on the strength and elasticity mamaligii final). Then put on boil again tuci. Polenta is ready when it floats high speeds or over boiling water in. After boiling, remove and wrap in a piece of tifonsi Allow to cool. Add different flavors and colors according to preference (rum, vanilla sugar. . . ), Attractive. . . Is a regular polenta without salt, and after boiling, add corn flour mix until very hard (the operation is done quickly, otherwise remain uncooked corn). Must gather the spoon and leave the walls tuciului. Cooled, the polenta will be very hard and will resist throwing a few hooks to. Of course, you can add sweeteners, attractors. . . 3 / 4 part corn flour, 1 / 4 parts white flour plus and saffron. Mix the dry. We boiled water and add hot water mix contents with a spoon until dough becomes a little hard. When water began to boil, to make balls and put them in boiling water dish. When you rise to the surface, remove and allow to cool, then flour into a good one, is a large Bulgarian. During framintarii attractants can be added.

Polenta for square.

Ingredients: 2 liters water corn flour (corn flour) about 1 kg flour for fish attractant liquid saffron - anise, vanilla, strawberry. . . Quality Malay (granulation) is essential for making good the squares of polenta. A large corn particles with bran will give some squares to be spread easily and will leave us empty hook, inefficient. So the first thing to do is sifting through a sieve Malay, the more delicate the better. Bring the water to boil, I dissolved the saffron, about a teaspoon peak, and atractantul. After the boil water to make corn flour, and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes. When polenta is almost cooked, mix well with paddle. So far the process is identical to that of a regular polenta. But following the second phase, designed to give strength and elasticity cubuletelor. We previously obtained a polenta and stir with a flour until consistency of plasticine gets. We make and then some "dumplings", something bigger than a tennis ball, and stuffing them in old stockings, torn (not to ask that you take without scandal). Stocking is to not let it spread to the boiling polenta next. Socks tied in front and behind by a thread galustii. We can put on a sock as such 5-6 dumplings in string. Put in new water to boil and boil you put into it beforehand formed dumplings. Let them boil until they rise to the surface, a sign they are ready (about 10 minutes). Remove to a wooden board and let it cool. Best use the next day to be fresh.

Polenta for. cubes.

Ideal cubes is to use lake water. If you like something, use mineral water or let the tap water in a pot about two days to air (the balcony). Malay is the best market, and piccaninny. The Hungarian also has food coloring, not so bad. Some say we need screening, but I prefer to let the natural's formula, wearing shell fragments corn flavor - although, how unprepared, the corn tortilla necernut has the consistency of corn screening. Bring the water, say 1.5 l. In a pot that is throwing two to three handfuls of corn, so that to form a somewhat more consistent soup. Allow to boil long enough to connect - to say 20 - 25 minutes. If you choose red polenta (which is sometimes preferred by carp - we had games that we've saved tomato polenta), now it's time to a color food coloring. But beware, do not put much color cubes and dip them tapes. Binding stage composition is very important. If not connected, the cubes are missed, or sfarimicioase become rigid, not flexible as it should. After binding, add some good hands mingling maize is, until we obtain a thick composition. Let it boil another 20-25 minutes, add the corn to get a bot up so compact, with great difficulty we encourage you back to May melesteul. Warning: May interfere with how often during boiling, the more is better. Let it simmer mixed, polenta crust that forms a stop evaporation, so no longer reinforces the polenta evenly. Briefly: Boiling must last beyond our patience, mixing almost continuously. Another very important detail: the pot forms a crust. Must avoid falling to pieces because they are smoked mixed crust and will give an odor of smoke cubes. If something happened, blocks are missed. Polenta upside down on a bottom exclusively for bait and how to do some heavy side flattened cube with diameter of about. 10 cm. They are used as such or throw into a pot with boiling water and keep 5-7 minute or until water begins to float between. Further strengthens and boiling them is preferable to use gross. Cubes are cut from home, directly on lake. I cut them home and keep them separately in bags with different flavors - if you know where fish go prefers any flavor. Carp cubes go best with anise oil - again, it's my opinion, so I had the most success, but not a universal recipe.


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