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Fishing and Sports Fishing

Sports Fishing 

In the following we discuss the timing fisherman will see what over fishing and what baits to use grip. We will discuss each month in part, to start with the beginning. Stretched wire and record as many catches in Because of the climate are not the same in all years, it would be impossible to state precisely what will catch fish in a certain time of year and what specific bait. But fishing is sure to be even more fruitful with both water temperature is closer to the optimal temperature for feeding the fish searched (broad snout 11 C 16 C tench, pike 17 C 19 C carp, brook trout 10 to 12 C rainbow trout 14 to 19 C, roach, chub, barbel, bleak, bream, rudd 15 C, etc.. ). In years with normal climate may be taken into consideration directions this calendar.


Now peaceful and predator fish are found in deep water, with vital functions minimized. No matter how cold it out do not forget that the bottom water temperature min. 4 C (for a lake at least two meters deep or less) due to the anomaly that shows the water density relative to temperature (maximum density corresponds to T = 4 C, so "heavy water" is at bottom). However, on sunny days or Moina, fishing may yield results in both eyes and free water. Roach, on sunny days or Moina, may be bottom fishing with small frames red virmusi and especially dragonflies (red mud worms), perch - the stitches or free water fishing can be alive or dead fishes "played "or dandineta, near patches of reeds and roots. Longline, in cold weather, chances are slim, are given little ghosts, swivel, allowing a slow recovery, Caras-can catch the eyes of dragonflies, viermusi, frames, clean - rarely falls on bread and melted cheese on bottom, in places with weak current. Slightly turbid lakes fishing with live fishes, blood clot, chicken intestine, bone, cow, barbel - very rarely catch viermusi bouquet on bottom; bleak - you can fish with plenty of chances to dragonflies viermusi between water ( to bottom) in places exposed to sun and shelter Porcusorii (live bait) can be captured easily with small frames on the bottom, the rivers still open, broad snout - falling slowly (except when mild winters can be fishing games excellent), the pellet of bread, viermusi, rowing, gym - often at the eyes, with live fishes or dandineta oblong shape, the hooks catch pike with live fishes, bottom, or with dandineta. Free water in rod with ghosts, recovered very slowly over the bottom and around sides, insisting more in one place. Guvizi sea fishing can be, at bottom, with shells, garizi, frames.


This month, the sport fishing bear fruit especially in lakes with southern exposure, sheltered from winds from the north and east. Launched fishing can obtain large catches beautiful ghosts, oscillating, slowly recovered in shallow water near the reed curtains. For roach and bleak - meet in January, perch falls in hole-free water or with red frames, live fishes or dandineta, besides banks, roots, reeds. Rod with ghosts in small, white, recovering slowly and irregularly, Caras-fishing with dragonflies, frames, viermusi, clean-when water is dark, it still comes remotely with live fish, blood clot, the intestines of birds, carp , tench, bream - are still inactive. Towards the end results are possible in some rivers, tranquil lakes, with red frame, bottom, Pike, except during breeding, the main target of this month: the hole or free water with live fish, large spoons, dandineta, voblere recovered slowly, barbel-less falls and that in January, with red frame - large, at bottom, for proper broad snout and perch - ditto in January, may fish in sea guvizi


Due to great variations in temperature, wind direction and intensity, and level, and color limpezimii waters for fishing are still sunny and sheltered portions indicated. Fishing is getting good results released. On-the rapacious get some results with live fish (bleak) and Illusory small, white rotary, between waters, roach and bleak start to catch-normal in the days of beautiful and pasta (tortilla, bread) is active perch, fishing frame is especially. In rod with small ghosts, preferably rotary, crucian carp, carp, tench and bream, although not really become active until April, and can be caught this month with animal baits (frames viermusi bouquet or dragonflies) bottom in shallow water, chub fishing can not be remotely as in February, than when the river is at normal level. Sometimes the bite on the bottom frame, pork rind, melted cheese, barbell is caught very rarely in the frame, melted cheese, roach-to bottom, with dragonflies and viermusi, broad snout-good falls, the bottom, with viermusi, red frames , bread, sleep in small-sized frame, Sala-over live quite often, frequently catching pike is more than alive and the rod, with ghosts recovered slowly, widow-to bait animals at the bottom beside the fallen trees and other hiding places, at sea - guvizii.


Fishing bear fruit this month to almost all fish due to increasing water temperature, underwater vegetation and larval emergence. Mid fish usually enter prohibitive. Rapacious, remains valid for remarks made available to the previous month, roach and bleak continue to prefer the dragonfly, viermusul meat, but begin to fall and pasta (tortilla, bread) and pike perch excellent fishing with live fish. Results are obtained in rod along the reed curtains and tail lakes and ponds, crucian carp, carp, bream tench and manifests its presence by air bubbles that appear at the surface. Continue to prefer animal baits (frames, viermusi. . . ). Falls and polenta carp, chub clear water falls in the blood clot, but is tempted and a bunch of triple viermusi the hook, still prefer melted cheese barbel, rudd better to catch dragonflies viermusi; Usually at this time broad snout reproduce, so fish does not work, sleep little bite to frame the rivers, some results are obtained in perch over live, widow, still continue to bite the bait but the polenta animals, large specimens, with ghosts.


This month is usually off fishing. At sea fishing guvizi, flounder - near the shore on the bottom, with anchovy.


In the second half of Prohibition amounted. This month is one of the best fishing period. The results are about the same in all times of the day. However, during this period causes barometric instability and numerous failures. In this period is abundant in many ponds Bradisor being difficult to use lansetele. Rapacious fishing with live fish, small rotating ghosts (white or yellow) may try to bite the edge artificial streams, roach and bleak is caught, as before, with dragonflies, flies, viermusi, frames and paste ( bread, polenta) and pike-perch continue to bite on live fish, but more comfortable, around vegetation, and the ghosts, the surface. Longline fisheries to reduce chances as warming water crucian carp, carp, tench and bream are caught by bait animals, but towards the end of the plant gives better results. Air bubbles indicate the way you are fly fish through underwater vegetation growing, clean-meets the edge of streams with gravel beds and along the high banks covered by tree vegetation. Artificial flies and large falls hairy, red and black, crickets, locust, Carabus, as well as mulberries and cherries, barbell-start to catch more frequently in larvae of Pentecost, fen cricket, rowing thick earth leeches with suction cups chopped, old cheese cubes, melted cheese and especially cricket (till September indicated bait) bleak - at viermusi, bread, house fly, Bream - with grains of wheat, bread, pasta, roach-fishing along the cork virmusi, pasta, offers an interesting area to fly fishing, natural, broad snout with viermusi is some good frames, especially in troubled waters, to fen cricket and even bread and polenta, sleep, bite greedily to print, frogs, leeches Framing, high-turbid water, morning and evening hours rather, Sala-live over and over in pieces, besides banks, roots, deep water, widow-catch especially by noon on the bottom, with polenta , Pentecost, frames, viermusi, grasshopper and Carabus. Very often catch sea: skate - to catch the deep and bottom, with anchovy, flounder and guvizi. Barbuni, on shore, the waters - the frame of sea mullet to shore, rowing on the sea bottom, blue fish in deep water between, with taparina and ghosts; hanus the deep bottom, with anchovy, aterina, guvizi; stravizi in deep water between, with taparina, cork, skinned and garizi aterina, garfish, the deep, the waters, the raft, with anchovy and aterina momind.


Generally, this month the fishing results are obtained only in the first and last hours of the day. Fishing station, outside of insects and dragonflies, plant baits are almost always more effective.
Avatul cade la naluca mica rotativa, alba sau galbena, la confluente; cu musca, pe sub arbori, de pe mal;
Babusca- mai ales la samanta de canepa si paste; se obtin rezultate si la boaba de grau, viermisori si libelule;
Bibanul- la rame, coropisnite, peste viu; la lanseta, mai rar, cu naluci mici rotative;
Carasul- la rame rosie, mamaliga;
Cega- in Dunare si in raurile mari din Ardeal, pe fund tare, argilos sau pietros, la larve de rusalii, racusori, rame albe sau negre;
Cleanul da rezultate la pescuitul pipait cu greiere, lacuste, tauni;
Morunasul-se pescuieste aproape de fund cu mamaliga, rame, viermusi, sange inchegat;
Mreana - la branza veche, cuburi de branza topita si mai ales la greiere (momeala indicata pana in septembrie), larve de rusalii, coropisnite, rame groase de pamant;
Crapul- la cartofi fierti, boabe de grau si de porumb conservat, paine, mamaliga;
Obletul - la viermusi, paine, musca de casa;
Platica - cu boabe de grau, paine, paste;
Rosioara, pe langa pescuitul cu pluta la virmusi, paste, ofera un pescuit interesant la suprafata cu musca naturala;
Linul- la coada de rac, rame groase de pamant;
Lipanul- cu musca artificiala aproape la toate orele zilei;
Scobarul- se prinde bine cu viermusi, rame, mai ales in ape tulburi, la coropisnite si chiar la paine si mamaliga;
Somnul se prinde frecvent indeosebi dimineata si seara la tipari, broscute, lipitori- mai rar in rauri;
Salaul- la peste viu si la bucata de peste;
Stiuca - la peste viu; mai rar la pescuitul cu naluci;
Mihaltul- rar, in bulboane, la fund;
Vaduvita- se gaseste mai spre suprafata unde se poate prinde cu viermusi, rame si paste. Sea - as in June to mention that no longer catch turbot.


Fishing and bear fruit this month throughout the first and last hours of the day in stagnant waters, when lack of oxygen is greater catches are rare. Rapacious offers interesting games on the edge of streams and flowing streams and canals, with little ghosts, rotary fishing is interesting and the results of natural or artificial fly, roach-the hemp seed, grain, wheat, pasta, bread, perch and Pike - July idem, Caras-to polenta, frames, viermusi; starlet - July idem, clean-and continue to prefer crickets cosasii. On very hot days hiding behind various obstacles which, besides large bite, hairy, black or red can be removed with a large bouquet of viermusi, carp - ditto July, tench and bream, the bread and wheat grain. Toward the end of the month, corn and beans viermusi or small frames and frames viermusi together; ling - July ditto; barbel - the cheese cubes and cricket; bleak catch especially pasta, fly home, the winged ant; roach, broad snout, catfish, pike, widow, as in July. Sea - very good results in stravizi fishing, flounder. Otherwise as in July.


One of the most favorable seasons for fishing. Fish in July and August refuge in deep water now again begin to circulate, feeding intensely. Fishing bear fruit better in a longer period of days. Stationary fishing best results are obtained after the morning fog lifted and in the second half of bait animals begin to exceed the plant. Catches are becoming more numerous ghosts. Excellent month for fishing with artificial fly.
Avatul se pescuieste cu bune rezultate cu naluci si muste;
Babusca incepe sa prefere libelula si viermusii;
Bibanul continua sa cada la rama; exemplare frumoase cad la naluci mici si rotative;
Carasul-la rama, viermusi, mamaliga;
Cega - idem iulie;
Cleanul- vaneaza inca la suprafata putand fi gasit mai ales la marginea curentului din albiile cu prundis si de-a lungul malurilor abrupte, acoperite cu tufarisuri; se folosesc insecte,
Crapul - in aceasta luna prefera bobul de porumb cu lapte (crud) si mamaliga, perioada favorabila dupa amiaza;
Linul si platica- la inceputul lunii la paine si boaba de grau, apoi la boaba de grau cu viermusi, iar mai tarziu la buchet de viermusi;
Lipanul - cu muste scufundate;
Mihalt - ca in lunile precedente;
Mreana - branza topita, greieri; se mai pot folosi viermusi, coropisnite, lipitori;
Morunasul -prefera ramele;
Obletul -se prinde frecvent dimineata la libelule, viermusi, musca de casa, paste;
Rosioara- la rame, viermusi, grau, paine;
Scobarul - se prinde bine la paine, rame, coropisnite;
Somnul se prinde inca frecvent la tipar, broscute, rame, lipitori;
Salaul - aproape de mal, pe sub radacini la apa adanca, intinsuri de nisip unde se pescuieste cu tipari, bucati de peste, larve de rusalii, rame;
Stiuca incepe sa cada mai des la naluci, indeosebi in ultima parte a lunii;
Vaduvita - merge la apa mai adanca, la momeli obisnuite si in plus la naluci mici, riotative;
La mare se prinde frecvent hanusul, cambula, lufarul, zarganul, chefalul si mai ales guvizii; incepe sa se pescuiasca scrumbia albastra la adancime intre ape, cu taparina sau cu pluta, folosind ca momeala hamsia.


Although the weather cools, the water temperature is generally superior air. Fish still remain active, feeding before entering winter. However, compared to September decreases in intensity stationary fishing. Now look for fish and bait animals in sunny places are preferred plant. Longline fishery is very valuable especially for pike and perch. Rapacious - better catch in the first month, then slowly rotating the small ghosts, roach and bleak to viermusi and dragonflies, the frames and ghosts perch, crucian the frames, and more rarely viermusi polenta, chub is found at depths larger, goes to melted cheese cubes, carp, tench and bream are starting to prefer bait animal in puddles and ponds in May and bait eating vegetable barbell - the better to catch another schweizer. If the water is clear, go and bouquet of viermusi and larvae of Pentecost. Fat frame in troubled waters, white and red are favorite baits, bleak is good for you with viemusi and dragonflies, roach prefer viermusi, dragonflies, broad snout that offers plentiful fishing season from plant and animal baits, sleep eating increasingly less ; print, frogs, frames, zander catch the same baits as sleep but more often, Pike go well over the living and ghosts, widow - September idem, La Mare - the mullet is fished less satisfactory, mackerel, guvizi , blue fish, blue mackerel.


During this period gives the worst results fishing in the year. However, during this period are possible surprises from kidnappers. When fishing bait station using animals as dragonflies, viermusi, frames. Fishing started using ghosts and recovered slowly ascilante. Roach and bleak, clear water, and dragonflies are caught with viermusi, perch - large frame turbid water, then with live fish, small rotating ghosts, dandinete, chub and barbel - the bottom with white frame, broad snout - in October , Pike is better to give than alive, especially in longline and ponds over dead in rig and slowly recovered ghosts. At big fish: mullet small guvizi.


Pisces is withdrawn from deep in mud, where the temperature remains constant 4 C. Roach, bleak rarely can catch free water and better eyes, blood, dragonflies, viermusi, perch - falls well in stitches, especially once the water freezes, the fishes live dandineta. Eat and frames, viermusi, dragonflies but less that in November;


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