Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Step I: Choose your friends!
Never heard of anyone yet to take up fishing, so, singurel ... First the fishermen saw the edge of water, the gaping mouth, if he saw a "capture" of the asked questions about ... Or, the probably a fellow fisherman took a pool date, put a rod in hand and ... Bang! A fry! What fishes? A monster! But that was hooked ... future fisherman! I guess if read these lines, you're about there, reader. Want to knuckle down fishing. To invest, time, money, skill ...
Do not rush to buy first "tool" which comes out in nice way! Needles, streamers, floats, lead etc. ... Wait a minute and think: I want to fish certain fish or leave the pool with friends and to catch myself with them? In the first case, we must look on our website, box that you think fits. In the last version - the most common - stay here: here's what you done. Decide whether these are friends and good colleagues, willing to teach you something, if their manner Fishing is like you, if you want the next years weekend weekend, want to "get the pond "with them. Assuming that the answer is positive, see carefully as they fish - how "Good" is? If you trust, ask what-what-how to invest, a tip is to go zgârcesti even from the beginning: buy good tools, the company, even if more expensive. Think critically, not to accept everything as "good" and others wondering, even on this site. You informed, you have invested now - to increase job!, Adventure now begins.

Step I bis: Are you single? Take it slow!
Orinda you go, the river, the lake or the sea, all over the target of "universal tool" is Rods.If you had the inspiration to inform yourself before investing, here are some tips: buy a rod from the beginning "good" quality, expensive: it must be easy - you sit
many hours with her hand; 4 or 5 meters in length is optimal at both the beginning - it is easier to handle - even as later (you fish from boat near shore, quality an convenience is a necessity undisputed) fine line (as is the millimeter, the rod, .20 mm line is best), quality (Resistance - in pounds, suppleness - in dollars, to the day), a small diameter line is good, is resistance (2 kg) and has no "memory" when you buy, take about one meter of wire, make them a knot in the middle and pull the ends, but to show you're a seller Hercules "Incognito", but just so you know how much alungeste or if it breaks too easily the node. And do not even get into your wireless ...


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