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Amateur fishing and Carp fishing

About Carp fishing Before .

All is well say that the carp anglers are attracted to the trophy, which fall at a time in life, with common methods. . . which thanks to British studies on feeding behavior and method of carp have helped us with carpfishing, catch more and larger species. Our project is to adapt this style of fishing in the waters of the country as adopted by the Italians, French, etc ... I need to make a statement: carpfishing technique, besides technology, advanced equipment and bait, focuses in particular on respect for nature, fishermen, the environment and obiceurile depth knowledge about fish, they established a direct and usually with the completion of denim, in theory, the issue ends with carp in its natural environment. Carpfishing is an evolution from classical to bottom fishing and its philosophy in search of big fish! I find it interesting though who wants to start early to know what to expect: a lot of work to prepare the baits that are in continuous evolution, which must be adapted to atmospheric conditions, season, fishing ground etc.. . . A mount used to talk about this style of fishing are several types, depending on the demands that we should expect a fishing game. And baits are many ways and I think think the site is one boiles bait fisherman trying to replace that with difficulty, natural diet of carp (which is a cold-blooded wild animal can be taught). Perfeacta bait there but one that approaches perfection, yet not too selective, corn and tiger nut (walnuts Brasiliense) works almost everywhere and adapt to any fishing conditions. However both mount and baits should be studied in detail.

Mount in-line.

X-RED LINE-IN SAFETY-mount X-BLUE CLIPPentru start looking at the rig used in Europe: Sigma is easy to execute: the main thread passes through a rubber tube of 20 cm and a lead, at least 60 g, is introduced and a vortex Stopera covered everything with a silicone tube or a tube electric cable 2 / 3 cm. Is a frame that adapts to almost all fishing conditions. If you use a frame craft sure that the tube is not floating: is very important to stay glued to the bottom. The tube is actually used as antirasucitor or no protection to be cut by stones or shells, to throw a little help and we can categorize it as a mount for the average distance. The same rig can be made with lead core, this is a revolutionary wireless Dacron camouflage color (usually) is inside a lead wire that keeps sticking to the bottom for sure, the processing is great without any node and benefits are enormous (Future articles will talk in detail about this thread). For some this is known but for beginners it is useful to look at the node for use in carpfishing forface: famous node without node. One of the problems of CF meets fisherman is preparing baits in our case BOILES sites. Revolutionary bait for composition, preparation, presentation and size changed big carp fishing, which traditionally has only the name (derived from "to horse" which in English means boiling). The idea to produce this kind of bait was born from the need to not be aggressive to smaller fish and to select those of greater size, family especially cyprinids of the carp, which besides the main one has some Physiological Characteristics lower pharyngeal teeth marunteasca powerful can take the food (so it specifically for friends who still ask me: if sites are softer boiles not quickly take carp?). Boiles flours are used to produce more, of which the most used are: NAME VAL PROTEIN. Alim. PROPERTY% x 1 kg. 10 / 15% carb corn. + Digestible Untie Gris 10/15% 15/20% digestible Tie + + + 20/25% 50/55% wheat flour + Vitamin Tie digestible soy 10/15% 38/42% Vitamin Flour. - Digestible Tie - 20 / 30% fishmeal 55 / 6% 15/20% digestible Neutral Birdfood 8 / 35% Vitamin. / Carb. + Digestible Neutral 20/50% 90/95% digestible meat meal Tie - 15/25% 15/20% digestible rice flour Tie + + 5 / 20% Explanation: Vit: vitamins Carb: carboidrate Birdfood: bird food ground Now that we made a general idea of mixes and flours used to analyze their values found in commercial mixes that most know very little about because manufacturing companies that sell these products and keep out competition to the disadvantage fishermen.

Mixes are usually divided into four kinds in which:

1) 50/50" (there is even commercially under this name) is generally the cheapest and most widely used. It is a mixture of flour with added incentive digestible food. That it is cheaper does not mean that is weaker, is a mix of all Seasonal and long enticed said that while catches do not decrease. 2) Birdfood: most digestible. BASA's composition provides content as food for birds, ground fine (with dosages ranging from 15 to 45% for each kg. mix) is a mix that you suggest it especially associated with the aromas of spices (spice flowers) from autumn to early winter in full. 3) Fish Meal: carateristicele flours based on fish and crustaceans and is recommended for warm waters and the reason is understandable: very rich in fat result that is less digestible in cold temperatures, the carp would not eat it bait prefer lighter and easier to assimilate. 4) Protein Mix: a mixture based on milk proteins that allow us to obtain a mixture with the highest nutritional value, protein value is above 80% condition that is less digestible. Roman waters are rich in natural foods that do not suggest. In England there are waters where food boiles sites to compensate for the lack of natural food, for that reason we should think what we have nine in our waters and not limit ourselves to copy recipes from the British fishing with suitable mixes the demands of their waters. Mix home preparation phase is the most difficult (most underestimate this operation) but is one that gives the most satisfying! In Romania (eg granary of Europe) there are still untreated flour and forgetting above scheme can start to mix something and to test hardness and most important are protein and fat values to be adapted to the fishing season and. Even the amount of protein mix is the most discussed argument between cracking (those sponsored by the companies that produce bait) but to understand better is if you talk a little about princes HNV (contained protein derived from milk, as lactalbumin, casein and other extracts ) or Fred Wilton on the principle that after several studies concluded that a food that could have food that provides all levels of proteins, minerals and carbohydrates in time could become the favorite food of fish. With this theory were born mixes with values over 65% protein. And I was cheated a period using the mixes I have given up for these inconveniences we found: the inability to know exactly freshness preservation difficulty flours flours used (spoil if moisture exceeds 10%) the difficulty of preserving fishing during any benefit parties at the catch. Fred Wilton theory about HNV dropped because: no animal can eat a single dish (boiles) milk protein not exist in the aquatic world's discoveries Luc Besson (cracking veteran) explained that a milk protein certain temperature tend to melt and it happens when we take boiles phase boiling your water at 100 degrees for 1 or 2 minutes. Warming it is determined and cause a phase change cooling ulteriora: milk clotting proteins assume a total waterproof structure that prevents the spread of flavors contained boiles real power and reduce the attractiveness of our baits. What can I say: a hard blow for those who believed in these expensive ingredients!! Discussion can be interminable but anyway we need to be virtually: they are almost perfect bait and what they have in common? I say worms, potatoes, maize and bread are the best and have in common carbohydrates and fiber. When the direction it should go and find a bait that: to be eaten only tastes good to let out her attraction to be contained in a long-term and first born is here, tell me more natural recipe to you offer: 20% 30% corn flour, soybean meal 20% 25% birdfood mix (half chopped half not) 5% modified rice flour values based on your demands: If you must use the cobra enticed recipe is a bit delicate, then increase percentage of rice flour and soybean decreased on the. Rolabilitate Or if mix is too dry, we can add the semolina and egg whites etc ... flavor to each and atractantul pleasure why not the strongest and cheapest: SUGAR! Per kg. mix must use about 10 medium sized eggs, to be fresh! After boiling them leave a day or two in a dry environment, then stuffing them in the freezer ready to be vacuum ever tested. Boiles site is preserved and so six months in the bag Put some rice grains absorb moisture that remained.

Carpfishing Flavors.

I personally tried many flavors, and I say that producing companies have tried and I was impressed by the imagination and the combination of flavors was reached. Personally I've never been convinced of the importance of flavorings to the bait but I believe in the solvent in which it is dissolved. Alcohol, diacetina, propylene glycol, triacetin and isopropyl alcohol are solvent used to dissolve the flavorings (which are a form of powder). The majority are all based on chemicals that try to imitate the most natural flavor, others are derived from natural substances. All companies try to reproduce reality, but one believes that a convincing poor boiles flavored fish that is in front of a crayfish? I hope not! Or you may know carp peach and pineapple flavors of strawberry? Often happened to me only as a boiles sweetened or enriched with substances that have their own flavor (es. Biscuit the dog or cat) to be more immediate and more effective than any of the best flavored boiles. In addition there are many flavors on the market that I wonder how many were actually tested before being released commercially! I think there are very few companies which can afford to spend serious money for tests or tester filed (eg. those who fish for testing products: Ken townley), and then the market means that there are a lot of products of doubtful quality. Did you know that there are certain products with a low pH, although it has been shown to have a repulsive effect on the carp? Or that there is so strong that removes flavors instead lure carp? Personally I trust companies like Nutrabait, Hutchinson, Nash and solar, because they know they are strong and established firms. There are flavors that give excellent results for over 20 years and, why not test them? Of which: R. Hutchinson: Scopex Monster Crab Nash: Sting Malay spice Solar Red Herring Nutrabait: Strawberry, Tuttifrutti To use one flavor to another place I would not advise you but I can tell you that alcohol winter spreads better in the cold waters. Another issue is dosage calculated that 60/70% is lost by boiling but do not overdo it because too flavorful boiles sites away from the bed of bait carp and one to return after hours of purifying bath.


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