Monday, November 15, 2010

Fishing and floating baits

Floating baits

The method of carp fishing with floating baits (at surface), began to be used in the '50s, England. Bread, in the form of bark or fresh bread crumbs, was the main bait, and perhaps now are enough bodies of water where the bread "goes" the best. Today the market but there are a lot of products that can be used successfully. Here are some of them, cheap and easily available: breakfast cereals, snacks, biscuits for human consumption, and biscuits for dogs and cats, (Mixers), and the list goes on. We have to stop but the latter, being easily purchased from any pharmacy vet or pet shop, and not only at a price acceptable to catch carp on a lake with this particular method should be tested more bait until we find one that really gives results. So perseverance and patience .... The method gives good results in hot summers, when the warming due to excess water from lakes and ponds, is releasing a large amount of hydrogen sulfide resulting from the decomposition of organic substances deposited on the bottom of the riverbed and fish rises from the surface layers, richer oxygen. We notice when carp and other fish on the surface muscaria, or swimming leisurely in the same age cards. The bait should be placed so as to anticipate the path that you are somehow through it, protecting us not to be seen. If so from our position from the sun, the shadow does not fall on the water surface! They fished the match (Sheffield), ie, reel and rod with cork, with the bait about 50 inches of cork. Our polarized glasses are helpful, helping us better to observe fish.

Dog biscuits (Mixers) usually have the size 8 ... 20 cm, with different shapes such as disk, ring, light, and with colors in shades of gray, beige, brown, green, brown. The items are varied in flavor and composition, some of them in composition with oil, oily appearance is evident. Like I said, the choice depends on what you assume it works on the pool, and inspiration. I suggest trying to start with biscuits Pedigree for puppies up to one year (first Age).

How "present" but this fish bait? Here are some suggestions: 

1. Dry form, using already known fixture with "hair" (yarn 0. 06 ... 0. 1mm), as boilies, I mean holes in the middle and pulling across the wire through the hole, then blocking it with a "stopper". Length should be about 2 ... hook 3cm,

2. Preinmuind crackers and then top them infigandu hook, releasing spin off. If you like biscuits but preinmuiati not have the same buoyancy as the dry, and it takes at least two hook to support the weight of the water. Preinmuierea is as follows: a polyethylene bag is roomy and resistance put 0. 5 kg of biscuits. 100 ... slowly add 150ml warm water payment. The bag is filled with air, squeezing it in his mouth a few minutes to shake the liquid contents to be absorbed evenly by the biscuits, then leave at least an hour, soaking to be fully realized. To "customize" bait obtained, with the addition of water and put a few drops of flavored spray that we know he likes carp: vanilla, anise, honey, tutti frutti, strawberry, etc.. Preinmuiati bag with biscuits can be maintained on a day to day, closed tight and put the cold in the refrigerator or freezer bag. Debris can be used as bait, azvarlid Bulgarians formed by pressing a hand or sling.


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Probably my favourite method of fishing is on the surface. Sitting by a lake on a hot sunny day with a big piece of crusty bread sitting on the surface waiting for a carp to gulp it down. Can't beat it.

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