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Fly Fishing Artificial amateurs Buldo.

Fly fishing and artificial

Buldo. In what follows I will present a style of fishing, how active, on-both pleasant and - why not? - Abundant. As soon as water begins to heat up, the fish - peaceful and predators alike - are beginning to draw to the shore. Here the sun warmed water little easier, in addition to feeding activity, more intense as before, start another equally important task: reproduction. Before, however, that Prohibition was to keep us away from the water a couple of months, we might have a few successful parties.

Materials needed.

There are neither expensive nor difficult to acquire. A light rod, between 2.40 to 3.00 m, 10-30 g acting is very good and comfortable, but not required. Go with what everyone has at hand, provided they are more or less balanced with a reel on which is more important, you need a thin thread. Not more than 0,10 mm thin, you do not know what surprises you have not thicker than 0.15 mm, not to give him crap. Small flies on hooks No. We find 16 to 18, most recently, at any store that respects. The cofectionate on the eyelet hooks specifically for biting, we connect them with wire from 0.08 to 0.10 mm of good quality, using a node suitable for this type of hook. Many producers are fly so I can not find small eyelet hooks, are considered to be too thick and made of wire they prefer those with palette. In this case, it connects first hook, then move on the fly making. For users find the flies that can be done about, at first glance, an advantage. It becomes, however, often at a disadvantage, with accidental hooking and tearing the fly bite becomes unusable forfac. And there is a problem, that of length forfac: let manufacturers generally very short thread. The message is clear: to be linked to the short bite! But outside of a fisherman, only God knows what pain is to bite the taparina attach a line of 4 cm ... Buldo find it's also in fishing tackle shops. For most îndeminatici or less spenders, we offered an alternative in article appeared on page 18, of no. September issue of ;Fishing in Romania;.


There is no hard he made: a taparina about 1 m long artificial flies may be linked 4-5, 20-25 cm apart. At one end attached taparinei buldo site, and the other end is connected to the reel line through loop-the-loop ". You probably wondered why not through a simple clip or whirlpool. I do not recommend, you get a bunch of false attacks clip. Technical specifications: for that sight fishing is practiced in relatively clear waters, particularly lead (at the line and making taparinei and more so for tying flies at) will be a transparent, how much less noticeable, to avoid frightening the fish, the quality of the thread should be very good because sometimes it is strange to be forced to fish "dry". Last year, the pool from Sopa, rosioarele Bradisor were on the reed, that I had to take them on up from there, what I asked for a little more thread. But it is natural to sit there in the morning heats water more quickly than in open space and abundant food is incomparably greater on plants. Disclaimer ethical: those who will contest this sporty frames, do not mention that trout fishing, to limit ourselves to two flies, but the rudd, not very valuable or endangered as a species, by contrast, ignored by most fishermen. It means that if the legislation in force allows us to retain 5 kg of fish per day, we are forced to catch so much. In fact, there is room and clean ... and then, who stops us to release all fish, if you still want to be athletes until the end? A final argument for fixisti: 2 rods are all 4 x 2 hooks, huh, fellow? Cranes would please everyone with just two rods ...

How Fly Fishing Artificial Buldo.

 Do not launch at random, first follow the surface. Rosioarele, like all fish that feed on the surface quite easily betrays its presence through the circles that are. Muscaritul Sometimes it's discreet, it takes some experience and keen eye. Especially if the wind blows and less. Then we have bigger chances to find the fish floating near or even. Muscaritul Sometimes it's downright frenetic, especially fish species is "the cird (rudd, bleak, etc.. ) Once sighted fish, launch a little farther away (about a meter). Fall's buldo will not scare, but rather will encourage curiosity, if you do not use an oversized buldo, or filled with too much water. The more it will be easier, with both "pliciul" made to be more discreet and more natural, and therefore more attractive to fish. Then spread easily mount thread and recover the right place where I spotted the signs earlier muscaritului. Before the attack feel the rod tip, we see the attack a "live". Sometimes the attack is unsuccessful, or that the fish jumped into a hurt, or were two or more simultaneous attacks at the same bite. Do occur, however, we need not hurry to feel stung before the mine attack. And, look, not poked in force, as the pike, but finut, in fact it's small size fish. The bleak, for instance, do not even need to bite, the fish having very thin lip is one stings. It would be a shame to wake up the little fish hook lip, as a trophy ... Sometimes, late or are more anemic attacks. For a little more dynamic "opponent", resort to the easiest trick play flies. A long rod thing that helps us trebusoara. The alternative movement of the rod tip, we can make only the first one or two flies to come by water, the other to bounce around on the surface. And then to watch dancing ... It often happens to have two or three pieces at once in taparina. It would be a simple way to do this: bearing in the rod in a fixed position, grasp the finger right hand thread portion of the first ring of the rod and reel and pull him towards it, gently Tension. We find that at every turn to pick-up, feel a pulse on the finger phalanx, and the thread will be recovered abrupt jump flies alone. They will say, perhaps, one: "That's a play!" Well that is fishing, my dear, if you do not play the way we relax, to forget about work, bosses? For that, I am sure, those who go fishing just to fill their bag not read magazines, they find an unprofitable investment .... Anyway, time passes much more easily when you do something, I say one village to sit on the chair, as an invalid, and they expect Malay para crash ... sometimes passed entire days without seeing the Sopa, for instance, move the harbinger Bambini or other carp, perch harbinger of.


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Great info here. I really want to try fly fishing soon.

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Fly fishing is very different than fishing with a lure or worm type baits. The fly fisherman uses a artificial fly consisting of bites of feathers, foam, hide, fur, yarn, and other materials to be tried on to a hook that make it appealing to the type of fish you are catching.

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