Friday, April 8, 2011

Amateur and bait fishing for Chub

Chub is a more suspicious and hence it is difficult and demanding his fishing. Chub fishermen must provide a full range arsenal of techniques and tactics to achieve satisfactory results. This arsenal includes bait Liquidised bread is specifically designed for fishing this fish Sly. Liquidised bread is a bait used by fishermen to clean both in Britain and across Europe. It is relatively easy to achieve you need a "tool", without which you as a "factory". I mean Blender, indispensable in the cuisines of the West because it is multi-chop, chop, mix etc..

I'm sure everyone knows what I mean, I'm sure many have in their kitchens. If you have such a tool or you can buy, it's easy. Buy a plastic bag the bread, sliced ​​from that. Do not use bread or Turkish bread will not go! With a sharp knife cut the skin around a few slices 6, 7, depends on how much bait you need. Place slices in a blender so clean and "chop" 2, 3 minutes at maximum speed. You will be surprised by the pure mixture of grit and perfect, obtained by "grinding". Note this operation a few hours before fishing an evening inintea not match, the mixture must be freshly. Put it in a bag and pay a inoad the mouth do not get air. Arriving on the lake you need to prepare a dish round bait. Do not add anything, just water! And now comes the tricky part. To get a perfect mixture of humidified need a "spray". Atomizer is a container used for watering houseplants is that a liquid pump and develop very fine particles. If you do not have it, yes fuguta a gardening store to find him a safe to buy. To lure Liquidised bread, you do not need water as bait for carp and crucian. After wetting and energetic mix shrinks in Bulgaria. Do not squeeze too hard because it is no longer open water. Bulgarians on the size of an apple under the sea, above the empty site being dragged into the desired area desired current (pay attention to how strong is the current, do not take your bait to pick another area and stand over there). Core is used as bait by the same type of bread used for obtaining bait. It breaks a large piece of suitable, which "bend" around fixandu hook on rod and wire, leaving the top exposed.


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