Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amateur Fishing in Spring chub

With Meltdown water, early spring, anglers are appearing like ghosts that appear sporadically on the river. That's because in the few weeks that separated us from the beginning of Prohibition in plain water and hills, we try to pretty serious chances to break the ice and catch the first of the new year clean.

Fishing places to  chub

Conditions provided in this river during the mountain areas differ from those of lowland river that winds lazily meander through hills and expansive plains. Thus, mountain sickness is usually completely thawed, because maintaining the current that prevents ice quickly, especially if it hits the warmer weather will be a few days. As we have already used in recent years winter days in March-April alternate with sunny spring. Water is usually clear and very low winter emaciated fish prefer deeper areas with less current alert. Around here he sits and chub, finding the strength to swim against the tide and even get up after each one flies in the day and no wind. Below, to the plain where the river widens its bed and its current subsides, there is still ice in places. The water is rising due to melting of these ice patches, causing a further increase transparency and low river levels, quite pessimistic assumptions for potential clean amateurs. In conclusion, if possible you should try to tempt the course superraului chub, mountain, where clear water and constant level, although quite low, while the armor issued by the ice, we will reward their efforts with a few catches. If we find we can not but fishing in a mountain water regime (in which fishing is banned until May 1!). So we have to inform us about the demarcation between the water and the mountain hills. After we convinced that we fished in a river hills, looking with predilection feet of bridges, power ovens dug in the mud, bulboanele quiet shelter behind trees collapsed after water or rocks to block the current. Around here you should be and Clen cards. Mention that bad sectors in which flow hot water from thermal chub fishing results at the beginning of the season may be as exceptional

Attractants for  chub

In this time of year the best results are obtained using natural bait. Very rarely we can bite the ghosts, especially at very low voblere or artificial flies. We will therefore focus on finesse fishing, the cork, since worms Carabet hook (bait fishing for chub in the formidable and clear cold water) and in turbid water conditions (generally in lowland river), we put in hook a small frame bin. In clear water, some fishermen bring in the hook this time a small pickerel (3-4 cm), either boistean, bleak or pig. Others prefer a more handy bait-core white bread, soaked in water and then kneaded.

Nadir chub

It is highly recommended, especially if fishing with worms or crumbs of bread. Thus, if the fishing crumb, a nadir of bread is enough. In exchange for fishing viermusi is advisable to use a lure that you prepare on the waterfront (in entering its component crumbs, flour, meat, some milk powder) and you add something viemusi. Even if we do not bite, it is quite common to Nadim small amounts. But if we bite, take a "nut" of bait and then mount and launch the raft, to be easily drift immediately after bait. Nadir sling to be helpful especially if the river is wide and good places are far away from shore.

Fishing utensils chub

Use a thin rod (sheffield) 4 - 4,2 m, which will launch with minimal effort from a mount fine fisherman, composed of a cork bearing 1.5 - 2 g (even more if we long distance to fish), with plumbaj Olivia comprises a one shot stopper, thread the reel will be of 0.14 mm and 0.12 mm string, tied with a fine wire hook, but resistance No. 12-14. For narrow rivers or scattered in places with water obstacles proved to be most useful for a rod "fix" the 4-5 m long, light, which will help us to better control their behind linurile. In this case the raft will be mild and balanced "to laugh" water. We will not forget the fish landing at home, because pleasant surprises are always possible!

Fishing technique to chub

We choose places described above, launch a few "nuts" the bait, set the raft at a depth that allows the bait to keep one hand around the bottom, even hot weather to the surface. Considering the fact that water is pretty low and clear, we will try to remain camouflaged and place the bait without too much noise. Discussions with fishing buddies later we leave now we will resume to be quiet and good places to check the bait. If you do not have any results after the nadir of Appeal and dozens of "flow" of the mount on, to downstream, we will change fishing. Sometimes, on grassland near the river, between the fishing is to clean away a quarter hour drive stretched. So comfortable clothing and boots as we will make life easier. Clen wire stretched from the spring! And if you do not catch, do not be sad! You will with the joy that you reviewed sickness that bind so many memories.


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