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Sport Fishing rod and how we choose a

Sport Fishing and choosing a fishing rod

Choosing the right rod is one of the most important decisions you have to pick and therefore the success that we hope catches every fishing session will be reflected in this. As today, the shops are overloaded with features tempting offers and rods with pompous names are tempted to take out what we have in my wallet for the latest technologies. If "money is not a problem," this article you probably will seem uninteresting. But when a budget must chivernisesti, you should choose what suits you best. Let's see what features will determine our choice. Basically classic rods are made of circular tubes of fiberglass, carbon, or mixtures of these composite resins combine the corrosion resistance, aging and UV rays. But there are proposals from research institutes to revolutionize the circular sections. From bamboo to wood and easy to fiberglass to graphite rods are used to produce materials that dictate the quality and durability in addition to their well their price.

Classification rods depending on the type of carbon fibers

Carbon fibers are classified into correspondence with the tension modulus value which measures the weight of a fiber can take a break until the diameter. Unit of measure is pounds of force on a square inch or better known as PSI. Such carbon fibers are classified as low modulus <34. 8 million psi modulus then standard, intermediate modulus, high modulus and ultrahigh modulus (72. 5 psi 145mil). Modulus is the ratio between rigidity and weight of a carbon rod blank. In principle, the larger the carbon content of both the rod is more sensitive but also more brittle. Carbon fiber types are named according to the manufacturer but the most common are IM6 (33mil modulus), IM7 (44mil modulus) and IM8 (51mil modulus) Unfortunately, the Chinese have different principles for classification of carbon rods in most cases they do not respect these principles so you should know that a Chinese rod is likely to violate the rules of scientific classification of types of carbon. In general, as there is more carbon in the composition of the rod with both its price increases, but of course no such bamboo rods, which surpasses that price any carbon rod. The power rod is dictated by the weight that can be taken from a horizontal rod until the rod tip held perpendicular touches the ground or forming a right angle to the horizontal position of the handle. In other words, if you think horizontal line described by the rod length, we calculate the weight that should be loaded until the line is tangential to the curvature of the rod when it reaches the vertical line of soil generated by loading. This rule is called Bending Test or Test Curve (TC) Calculate therefore hardness or ability to answer the charge, the rod and not how much it flexes. After we choose the power and wire rod ideal for fishing rod. As a rule, for carp fishing with a rod with medium action, we choose a wire whose resistance is five times higher than TC. Following this result, the rods are classified as Ultra Light Rods (Ultra-Light UL) which is recommended to use wires with resistance from 0.3 to 1.9 kg, Light Light wire 1.9 to 3. 7kg, blade of 1.9 to 5.5 kg Medium Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy Heavy wire 7 to 11.5 kg and Ultra-Heavy (UltraHeavy) that can support the weight hanging from a wire with resistance of more than 11.5 kg.

The action rod is an important characteristic that describes how the length of the flex rod and its bending is allowed. Thin rods are light and ultralight spinning very flexible when the carp are more rigid but more resistant to heavier weights. In other words determine the action rod and flexibility is reflected in the way of control fish. Rods are divided according to the degree of flexibility: super fast-action rod tip or which ones are more rigid but also the most resistant. The loading zone will only flex tip, drill through the other segments contributing to their strength. There are characterized by their sensitivity and therefore are fishing for large fish is also excellent launching heavy remote mounts. I'm fishing for carp or catfish, the drill if the voltage drops back in wireless instant rest position which require additional or activating the brakes reel mulinari. Fast action rod will flex with just the first quarter of their peak. Excellent for long distance releases supporting higher loads parabolic medium action rod with. If they are used in fishing predator fish, such rods are suitable for large range of fish species: perch, pike or catfish. They responded instantly to commands a fisherman and ensure safety of the fish stick. Progressive medium-action rod can be used in a wide variety of fishing styles, and ask if a fisherman catches in May maricele experience to maintain tense line and not let the fish slip through vegetation in areas. During the drill, the rod flexes in two thirds of its length providing a great sensations offering excellent fish, but with limited control over the distance and difficulties of launching large data frames. Parabolic or slow action rods are the finest rods, up to the chuck flexand. It is a characteristic of light or ultra light rods are suitable for fishing and mild ghosts finute frames for small fish species. Are the most "lenient" with the fisherman in the sense that their bending tension in the fishing line and not let the chance to fish spitting needle or drill through the influence of sudden moves toward shore or offshore. In this type of rod you feel any recoil agatatura or friends at the end of the wire. Also if you feel the lure reached the substrate and followed the path to recovery if meets stones, mud and vegetation. Being very flexbile we can not load with heavy frames to launch far.


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