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Sport Fishing Rods and choosing a

Fishing and fishing rod choice

When choosing any carp rod, you must consider what type of carp fishing you intend to practice. It can be fished in the margins, stalking, long distance, the cork releases of lead or heavy method feeder, or just want to launch a rocket or a marker? Even for these reasons carp rods are manufactured in a variety of lengths, actions, materials, manufacturing, etc.. Power of a carp rod is known as the test curve. This value is actually the weight value when applied to a rod will bend to ninety degrees. For example, if you attach a weight of 2 1 / 2 lb (1.13 kg) in the first ring of the rod, and when the rod is lifted that weight rod will just bend to ninety degrees, that will have a test curve rod 2 1 / 2 lb. Test your curve determines how easy or difficult to resist a pressure rod carp a fish and how big is the fish that you catch him, or how hard you can make the fish landing. This does not mean, however, that the rod stops bending there. As more weight is attached, bending the rod will be transferred on to the thicker part (the spine of the rod). Depending on where this transfer begins in the rod length, determine its action. The range of carp rods Sonik, SK3 and SK4, is composed of the most popular lengths and weights of the launch to cover the vast majority of carp fishing demands both in Britain and abroad. It is widely regarded as 12 '(3. 65m) is the most useful length for most of the requirements for and test curve carp fishing sites in the range 2.5 to 3. 5lbs covers fishing in remote and edge of lead weights from 2 - 5 oz (57-141g).

Sport Fishing rods and details Sonik SK3

SK3 carp rod has a strong throwing action, due to mild compression of the blank can adapt to a wide range of shooting styles. Made from the finest Japanese Toray carbon fibers and using advanced technology, Blank thin rod taper ensure accurate throws great distances every day. Reaching over 200 yards performance in tests throws, SK3 can be used however and short-range throws. Available in various sizes 12 '2. 5lb, 2. 75lb, 3lb and 3. 5lb can be used in most carp fishing situations. SK3 carp rods have the best quality / price ratio in the range of products on the market carp.


Blank surface is smooth features, carbon black matte gray blanks with powerful launch action. - Slim (slim), dressed in Duplon handle the entire length, for greater comfort and launch drill. - Anodized aluminum cover, laser etched logo SONIK. - Support Sonik reel created specifically for graphite properties of "prejudice" smooth and anodized aluminum rings on the ends. - Clip from carbon to support the main fishing line. - Superfine SIC rings, rings, 40mm and 30mm double hung, the other with one foot to minimize weight and a better action of the rod tip. - Protective cover of the highest quality material. Sale price: 150 E


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