Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amateur Pike Fishing on the fly

Pike fishing with fly Streamerele

The first problem that I hit the streamer tied primarily to the launch site of rabbit fur strip (thick cam 0. 5 cm), one of the most productive stream (zonker magnum). Bulky and heavy a few grams, it becomes even harder once it soaks. I sat and I thought, if not weight class rod and cord were too small for it. Training and said the word and, after several years and sometimes frustrating, I also learned the technique failed to correctly launch huge streamerelor (streamerele incomparable with trout or clean) even with a string of class 6 (in the absence of one of 8 or 9), releases at distances of 20-27 meters, double drive and correctly executed without error backcast sites (extent of the cord at the back) making the rules. Equipment is very simple, I soon realized, being self-taught wire.

Or fast-action rod extrarapidă, 6-9 AFTMA class (depending on size of pike and streamerelor used) and backup power is essential to launch streamerelor 12-18 cm and for controlling the pike drill, rods of smaller classes not keep their purpose, because the fish unnecessarily exhausting. Cords must be just type wf (weight concentrated in the front) of different densities (floating, intermediate or slow tip diving, or diving along the length of the same, intermediate or slow diving). The best pike cords were tested by me at Rio (Clouser, Pike, Pike-Bass Mainstream) and Scientific Anglers. The Mastery Wet Tip from Scientific Anglers casting is extraordinary and is especially useful when searching for deep pike. Although the company manufactures strings Cortland very good model for Class 8 floating pike did not impress me very much (except the color red), not having enough force to push the stream beasts.

Reel drum must be large (large type Arbour), with capacity to store strings of those classes, plus the backing thread (thread-back). Ideal would be a reel with two or three spare barrels, three threads of different specific densities are in most cases fishing arhisuficiente. Importantly forfac (leader) of thick monofilament, one-piece (20-30 lb resistance. With diameters between 0. 40-0. 50 mm, a good example being the new Max Plus

Tippet Rio), whose length can vary from 1. 2 m and 2 m. String, by far the most important link of the entire assembly must be thin and light. Kevlar (connected to a node type precursor Allbright) or better, string metal (titanium or steel, small diameter, fitted with swivel and clip antirăsucire) are absolutely necessary for this type of fishing. Low weight, small diameter of the string and clip size are important in the evolution of streamer in the water, affecting the freedom of movement, and its suspendabilitatea.

Streamerele tied on large hooks (Gamakatsu, Kamasan) may be of different types and colors. So far we have experimented with rabbit fur (rabbit strip) in combinations of white with red or orange cap, fluo green (chartreuse), grizzly feather wings, head (neck) orange or black, green fluo-white with a few wires artificial UV reflex (also known as Flash Kristal, Flashbou, Angel Hair, etc.. ), Almost any combination through my mind, balance is the primary streamer. A streamer too Lestat, who fall too easily in the head, did not work for me.

Once the target site launched streamer, wait several seconds and then recover it. Recoveries slow with long pauses, have proved successful, targeted pike are quite weak active. Some jerky and recover relatively quickly, with frequent stops. The fact is that the recovery rate should be adjusted depending on how active the fish is. Even with pike lethargic, placed where should we be surprised that a great Aunt to attack a streamer of significant size because of its territorial behavior.


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