Saturday, December 17, 2011

Amateur and pike fishing reels


How to choose the pike fishing reel

 In the which is going we will learn how to choose a fishing reel for pike.
Pike fishing reel. Choice pike fishing reel. Elements, size and criteria for choice of pike fishing reel.
Reliability is determined by gear type used and here I refer to system construction and the materials they are made. Quality bearings and no matter their number, quality of construction materials mulinetelor carcasses, drums, and brake their buckets.
The pike fishing gear are recommended mulinetele bronze - steel or high strength alloys, regardless of system construction. Basically, these materials have a high resistance over time, regardless of the demands faced by: ball bearing steel or ceramic encapsulated with high corrosion resistance, aluminum or alloy reel body light, very resistant to requests. The graphite wear more quickly, there are games in gear.
Reels drums is recommended to be aluminum with titanizata upper lip, which offers a much lower resistance to abrasion, reducing the risk of overheating and breaking the thread. In addition, they resist much stronger yarn. Graphite reels can give quite easily to pressure from the use of a yarn.
Recommended mulinetelor buckets pike fishing should be provided with high quality bearings, titanizat capable of withstanding the constant friction with thread data, especially the fabric. A bad buckets cut easily.
France. The pike is recommended reel models with front brakes, which are more reliable, with a simple mechanism and brake disc size is larger than the rear brake. Quality system disk and is determined in denim, brakes must work smoothly without shock to start to risk not break the thread. A wide range of adjustment to calibrate it helps a lot in relation to the resistance wire, rod power and action.
As advice, I recommend models of known manufacturers that meet the above criteria. Basically, there are models of high class, more expensive, but worth the investment and did not let us up, in the middle of the pike fishing parties.
Whatever the model chosen, check how it balances with the rod, because the whole balance is very important. An unbalanced set us tired more quickly, prompt large joints of the arms and the discomfort or pain in arms.


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