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And types of strings Amateur Fishing for pike fishing

Fishing and types of strings for pike fishing

 Features strings

- Appointed popular string, is usually manufactured forerunner of metal alloys, more or less rigid.

- Strings are woven from fewer or more wires or a single rigid metal rod.

- Dictated by specific circumstances and situations, the necessity of using very flexible and light strings, for which strings appeared made ​​of different combinations of materials or alloys, lightweight and very flexible.

Types of strings:

Steel strings

Are the most commonly used models, available in various lengths.


- They are made by plaiting a number of metal wires, usually found in variants 1 and 7 × 7 × 7 braided wires. A larger number of wires provide superior strength and greater flexibility.

- Strings are found ready and equipped with swivel clip or meter roller, following the final length to establish the user.


- Are very good fishing with spoons oscillating, spinnerbaituri, rotating medium size (no. 3-4) and large (no. 5-6), voblere, swimbaituri, jerkbaituri medium and large.

Info extra

- If the meter available, we need to manufacture, in addition to clips and swirls of metal clamps and a clamp tightening or patent.


- Very affordable price.

- Very high resistance to abrasion and is virtually impossible to cut, no matter how strong teeth would be predators. Tensile strength is very high and usually exceeds the number given by the manufacturer.


- Are quite stiff and relatively heavy, which leads to altered small developments ghosts or light.

- Permanent deformation (twist) that can occur during denim, or agataturi, or because
ghosts that can twist after string during lanseului. This requires changing strings often.

Strings of tungsten

Are present in different types of sizes and tensile strength.


- Good resistance to abrasion, but not breaking. There are rare cases when cutting the pike managed predecessors, especially in denim with large samples.


- It is recommended for pike fishing with small baits and light in areas without many copies
picking or capital.


They are lightweight and flexible, which alters little ghosts action.


- Tensile strength is not very good, fairly quickly succumbing to shock.

 Titanium strings

I am very flexible, making them ideal regardless of lure used.


- The maximum resistance to abrasion, tear and shock and not the permanent deformation.


- Recommended in any type of fish with ghosts (crankbait, oscillating, swimbaituri, jigging, jerkbaituri) or fishing with live bait.


- Very lightweight and extremely flexible. Not alter the evolution of ghosts.


- High price.

 Rigid rods of titanium

Strings are less popular with fishermen from us.


- Copies are dedicated to capital pike fishing with oversized ghosts (jerkbait or hard swimbait type size XXL).

String of fluorocarbon

Inaintasele of "Pike mono" are really thick and rigid fluorocarbon wires.

String properties of fluorocarbon

- Fluorocarbon is known for abrasion resistance and large diameter makes it harder to cut. However, endorse the pike should not be used when large, powerful, requiring prolonged driluri.


- It is recommended for ice fishing. Use and pike fishing with live fish in the mount without triple, with fish bait placed on a large single hook with a long rod (no. 1 / 0-5 / 0, depending on the size of bait).


- Virtual, is invisible in water, which is an advantage especially in very clear water conditions.

- They are much lighter than steel and less influence nalucii evolution.


- High risk of loss of fish if you have a copy in the big hook.


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