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Amateur fishing and everything about Sturgeon.

All about Sturgeon.

Sturgeons, family Acipenseridae are part of one of the oldest fish that inhabit the waters present globe. Of all species of sturgeons are the most valuable fish, especially renowned nutritional qualities and taste of meat and eggs, but also by their unusual mărinra to species that live in our waters and the entire world.
Significance of sturgeon for food and human life itself is attested by a series of data and writing data precisely îndepărtate.Primele period dating from the Neolithic past sturgeon and their localization Eastern Siberia, being played by some stone figures representing sturionii.Nisetrul and other sturgeon have served as some tribes indiene.La todem Manegri sturgeon fishing was accompanied by ceremonies.
Our country, most indications Valoro about sturgeon dates back to ancient times and refers especially to the Danube sturgeon fishing. At the tables of kings Burebista and Decebal, founder of the Geto-Dacian At the end of the first century BC , Were steaks of sturgeon, with huge bowls of caviar negre.Însăsi Histria city, located on the western shore of Lake Sinoe present, developed on account of export of sturgeon and caviar. The fact that export of sturgeon Histria life of the city played a key role, we show themselves in this currency while representing the city on one dinfeţe an eagle bearing in its claws a small sturgeon.
Since sturgeon, especially cod, are the largest and most valuable fish of the Danube and Black Sea, it is normal that first attracted her attention Safi who gave us data on fisheries in the Black Sea and Danube. From them we learn that sturgeon fishing on the Danube is both our country and in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.
Many are in our historical documents with specific reference to these specii.Mircea the Elder, ruler of Wallachia, in the act of May 11, 1406, mentions productive sturgeon fishing in the Danube. Stefan, Voivode of Moldavia by the Act from 19 February 1446, gives annual Neamt Monastery "two sturgeon Mejia" and "three scales of caviar." Other documents of Stephen the Great, of 15 August 1471 and January 22, 1472, remember the Danube port Chilia old as leading producer of sturgeon fishing center.

 General character of the main sturgeon.

Primitive characters include skeleton in CAE mostly cartilaginous, solid endocranial without myotomy and interorbital septum, the tail does persistent and without strangulation; heterocercă caudal, ventral inserted chest, bladder inotătoaare Comin with the esophagus, intestinal valve with spur-shaped.

Characters that includes demice degeneration and shields without ganoină, dermal bones of the skull in nunăr increased as a result of multiplication centers osificaţie or skull bones separated by frontanele dermiceale large and numerous, and shields the few located on several points kicking body disappearance branhiostegale teeth and radiator.

Specialized character of sturgeon are benthic life: elongation of the muzzle in a conical or spatulate rostru; whiskers senzoliale; senzolial supraorbital canal passing nostrils on each side and the rear îmbucându, making the channel to form an anastomosis infraorbital

Progressive degeneration that can track osificaţiei regression while the Palaeonisciformes that, by improving the organic becomes Chondrosteidae and in ultumă instance in which it belongs and Acipenseriformes current Acipenseridae family.

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