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Amateur fishing and everything about artificial fertilization of eggs of sturgeon.

Artificial fertilization of eggs of sturgeon.

 All operations involved in the sexual elements and fertilization of eggs is performed manually and mechanically new.
The eggs usually sturionicultură using fully mature but not overripe. For the female beluga, sevruga sturgeon, and splitting the desanguinizează previously, then get eggs split, while the sterlet eggs are produced in part by milking. Sperm are produced only by milking, that by bending the male body.
Eggs from female sturgeon not running can not be used in sturionicultură, but only for human consumption
Before cutting the abdomen of females, measures to:
If the nursery has a special section sturionicultură built, will ensure a job UNBR to avoid degradation of the Greek \ documents tumpul sexual fertilization and the eggs descleierii sunlight;
Separate parking masculilior with sperm quality and low quality
Desanguinizarea females, anal and caudal indenting portion of, where the ventral vein and the bottom of the gill, is 1-2 minutes before cutting the abdomen. Rinse with water for 1-2 minutes notched portions to remove blood that diminishes the quality of eggs and sperm.
Deleting the female abdomen with a clean dry towel.
Preparation of simple suspension of sludge from a dense suspension liter to 10 liters of water mud, fine silt suspension for desizing eggs pass through mud.
Then move on to cutting the female abdomen and eggs of sterlet milking, bringing near the basin as genital opening, where you start cutting the abdomen so that eggs do not fall or not traumatized.
Eggs from each female are taken separately and not mixed with eggs from another female. Each bowl 15 L are introduced about 2 kg of eggs. Weighing is eggs before fertilization.
If the basin is a large amount of ovarian fluid from the fluid flows in excess, by tilting the basin.

 Handling breeding of sturgeon, sturgeon or sevruga to obtain sexual elements is a special type plant, a small crane. After obtaining the sexual elements are stored in a freezer for human consumption recovery.
Proper fertilization method used by the Romanian eggs intre1957-1962 in experimental-productive nursery sturionicultură from Litcov-Delta, differs from the "dry method" and the "wet method" in that it adds one 52-100 ml water / 1 kg eggs, therefore is called "semiumedă".
At descleiereaicrelor collected from 2-4 male sperm, which is spread over all the eggs in bowl, 10 sperm ml / 1 kg incr. During fertilization plus more than 100 ml water / kg eggs. The addition of water aactiverză micropiul sperm to enter eggs. Cloectară sperm kept in a refrigerator for use later.
After addition of water pouring sperm and eggs are mixed by hand very carefully and then sunrise left to stand for 1-2 minutes. Once this process begins descleiere eggs. Îndepărteazălichidul basin tilts and ovarian eggs separated. Then add a sudden circa4-5 L water / kg eggs. After adding the water basin and flows tilts inpreuna water ovarian fluid. He repeated the same canticăţi adding water and flows again. Both operations take a few minutes. Eggs descleiere process is mechanized with a special device A01, cone-shaped, set at the bottom with a tube entering the egg mixture and susoensie fine silt, as air bubbles that help desizing eggs.
Gluing process begins after fecunadaţie eggs at more than 2 minutes to eggs of sterlet, 3min to those sevruga and 4 minutes and beluga sturgeon.
Acle sturionicol the artificial production of the material is aimed at ensuring perpetuation of the species to maintain flock. Thus setting the stage in which the offspring are produced artificially have capacitateade to integrate natural, while protecting them from direct dişmanii.
Physiological study was conducted on apuilor of the 3 categories of 1g, 2g and 3g/exemplar, demonstrated that there is no difference between them and therefore hemoglogină content, white cell count, do not depend on weight baby. As such, it can be concluded that chickens should be reared in nurseries sturionicole sturgeon weighing 1 g / sample. In this situation may produce more young sturgeon discharged to rivers, to ensure staff sturionicol.
Choosing where to start young area of ​​sturgeon in the river is a major objective. Problem launching offspring of sturgeon in the wild should be studied on each bszin in part, by marking the mass of these chicken PRODIS sturionicole nurseries.
Another problem which makes efficiency sturionicole works, and especially nursery sturionicole capacity determination is quantitative and qualitative knowledge base of the trophic sea where there is growth and development up to stage adilţi sturgeon.
Inpreuna growth of sturgeon and the same pool păstrugii allows full use of planktonic and benthic food resources, is exclusively bentofag sturgeon, stor sturgeon and consuming small crustaceans and fish bottom with no economic value.
Studies over 10 years on the Black Sea benthic platform facilitated the knowledge that food will have our sea sturgeon.


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